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Wall gazebo with flat roof "Pergola" 400 x 510

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The wall mounted gazebo is designed to allow you to leverage an existing wall or create a patio as an extension of living space.

The gazebo consists of laminated wooden beams of first quality mechanically pre-cut with all the joints necessary to facilitate assembling and to make it possible to begin exclusively with an electric starter.

The tablet shaves also have been custom made (They should not be cut) and need only to be nailed. All the wooden parts have been painted and impregnated with a solvent, for extra protection against external agents.

Through out Internet site you can choose:

1 - Whether to purchase the gazebo in a single or double version;

2 - Whether to purchase only the structure or also the upper finishing (tablets, the adhesive

bituminous sheath, and Canadian tile)

3 - Whether to purchase fixed pillars or adjustable ones.

The kit contains all the screws that are necessary for mounting it, as well as the instruction book.


The gazebos that we produce are very solid, and are therefore the sections are stronger and more efficient in comparison to other brands that are commercially available.



12 x 12


Main Beams

12 x 20


Secondary Beams

8 x 16


beads 22 mm pre-cut to measure


Laminated Wood

The GL24 laminated wood has been produced of red fir wood with a thickness (density) of 40mm between their finger-joints. The finger-joints are glued together with durable water based glue according to the provisions of UNI EN 1194 and EN

These glues are fee of formaldehyde (Emission Class 0).

The laminated wood is dried to the point of obtaining an ideal moisture for the assemblage phase. In this way the natural swelling and shrinkage phenomena are contained, reducing deformability and the formation of cracks that might appear with time.

In conclusion, the wood has an excellent resistance to fire as it burns very slowly, with carbonization proceeding from the outside towards the inside, and accordingly the not yet carbonized wood maintains its efficiency.

Wooden Boards

The wooden tablets have a dimension of 400/300 x 12 x 2,2 cm, and are obtained by the planing and processing of rough spruce tree planks. The humidity of the wood has been reduced by 14% ± 2% precisely to minimize natural deformation and have 3 grooves on the lower part to reduce tension in the fibers.

Canadian Tiles

The top coating is formed by sheets of bituminous tiles consisting of a mineral coating in colored grit or natural slate that covers the upper side by a double reinforcement of a glass veil impregnated by a bituminous mass, protected by a polyethylene film on the lower side. It comes in rigid plates and flaps.

Canadian tiles must be spread over a sheet of a bituminous thermo-adhesive sheath. The coating, if desired, can also be made by coating a roll slated bituminous adhesive sheath.

The gazebo is calculated by the following measurement values:


maximum snow load


daN/sq m


maximum wind pressure


daN/sq m


Some examples of how our anchors and joints look:

  • Model: WGFR-TYPE4_01
  • Manufactured by: YourGazebo

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