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About Us

For over 60 years we have been active in the production of wooden structures of all types and sizes, entirely worked and refined at our factory, and ready to be assembled and sent throughout Italy and abroad. In the 1950’s our work was essentially the cutting of wood logs for the preparation of boards, beams, and battens. All the parts necessary for the construction of houses and wood roofs.

Subsequently, we increased our specialization in the production of medium to large sized wooden roofs, not disdaining smaller, but nonetheless interesting, jobs. The natural evolution of this has been to buy ready made beams and to proceed in the projecting, calculation and preparation of the timber, already pre-cut and ready to be mounted. All the timber we buy comes from Austria and meets the strictest regulations in the world, as well as being only first class timber.

The part of the project and calculation, which follows the rules, is done by our technical department that utilizes specific software for the drawing and cutting. The cutting of single pieces is done by a CNC numerico system that provides every single piece elaborated according to the project’s joints. The cutting work is all computerized.

high quality tree wood trunk

In recent years we have specialized in the production of wooden gazebos and supplies for gardens because we realized that the competitors’ products are often made with poor quality timber and with very small sections. Our aim is to build a gazebo and car garage in high quality wood, trying to maintain an adequate price. For this reason we decided to create our own website where we can offer some of our products, giving the customer the possibility to contact us and to benefit from our studying a custom made gazebo according to his needs.

Our experience over the years has taught us that the higher costs in construction derive from a lack of technical preparation, and excessive personnel costs.
Additionally often the work delivered is not of the highest quality because a basic detailed study is lacking.

Our system of working, which is to pre-cut all the pieces in millimeter measurements, is intended to help the end user to break down all the costs of labor and give him the possibility to control the expenses. In doing so the buyer acquires all the necessary materials at a competitive price and can assemble the gazebo, or only contract the implementation of it.

What we propose in our website are only guidelines, then everyone can customize the gazebo as he or she prefers. Indeed our work is based on the customization of products also according to the shape of the building to which they give support. If you want some clarification on this topic on the website or if you want to submit ideas please contact us and we will be glad to answer you.

We Produce Wooden Gazebo Kits & Plans

carpenter with quality wood

At YourGazebo we have a passion for designing and creating wooden structures. Our outdoor constructions are made using only the highest quality wooden materials that are grown and processed with respect to our environment.

The idea to sell on line custom gazebos came from our customers: we often heard our customers saying that DIY gazebos on the market are of poor quality; as a consequence we thought to put our experience and passion for wood at your service.

We consider wood a unique material, because it is alive and breathes: it is the ideal building material, independently of the type of building and structure.
YourGazebo is therefore your on line shop to customize and order the garden gazebos or the garden furniture that best meet your needs.

Over the years we have specialized in the customized production of outdoor canopies and wooden outdoor garden furniture. We are particularly focused on our garden gazebos being customizable and easy to mount.

Our choice to sell on line customizable gazebos was difficult but determined by our willingness to offer quality outdoor canopies also for DIY.

We supply pre-cut products which can be quickly mounted thanks to their snap fit system. Your wooden gazebo can be easily mounted using a simple screw gun: you just need to follow a few steps, without any possibility to go wrong.